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Islamic Counselling Online


It’s not always easy to see an Islamic counsellor in person. Distance and anxiety can be a difficult company. This is why we offer online counselling help.


Visiting a therapist face-to-face can be daunting if, for instance, you suffer from anxiety or agoraphobia. Equally, you may live in an area where quality Islamic counselling services are not available. Video counselling online can provide a vital method of support in such cases. Eemaan Therapy Clinic offers Skype counselling and FaceTime counselling for clients who cannot attend the clinic in person.



What is Online Counselling?

Online Counselling is just like having face-to-face counselling or therapy, except you talk to a trained Muslim counsellor online using a secure video link such as Skype or FaceTime. You can have counselling with your partner or on your own.


If you and your partner live in different places skype counselling is an easy way for you both to take part in a session from separate locations.



What do I need for an Online Therapy session?


All you need for online therapy is a computer, laptop with a webcam and broadband internet access or a mobile phone. Once you’ve booked a therapy session you will be able to dial in and start the video conferencing.



How do I get Islamic counselling online?


  • Book and pay for an introductory online consultation so that you and your therapist can talk through your needs.
  • Schedule weekly online meetings with your therapist at designated times.




Why should I choose Online Counselling?

  • The talking therapy sessions are available worldwide
  • You can talk openly and express yourself in the same manner of a face to face session.
  • You can see and hear the voice of your Online Islamic Counsellor
  • You do not have to travel to our private Islamic therapy clinic in London
  • The service can be accessed from the comfort of your own home
  • You do not have to worry about calling charges
  • Convenience if you are not able to travel for counselling in Harley Street  London
  • Even if you travel often, you will still have access to psychological therapy




Getting private Islamic counselling online

Our private counsellors and therapists offer their services online through a webcam and our service is designed to replicate face-to-face sessions as much as possible.



Talk to an Islamic counsellor Online

Online counselling from our London Therapy is available worldwide.

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