Islamic Counselling Training and Consultancy

At Eemaan Therapy Clinic, we offer a wide variety of workshops
and consultancy services

Consultancy Services

We offer a wide range of skills and knowledge in theology, therapy, training, supervision, spiritual leadership/care-giving, organisational consultancy. Our team of professional psychotherapists and psychiatrists have the ability to provide a truly holistic approach to your needs.

We offer a number of different methods, which have proven widely successful:

We provide a bespoke service to match your needs. For example effective Islamic spiritual care and pastoral skills to identifying, understanding and how to deal with underlying emotional, psychological, and relational difficulties and challenges. We also provide support in terms of differentiating between mental health issues and spiritual issues.  Whether you’d like for your training and consultancy needs to take place in a familiar setting, or within our clinic here in Harley Street.

We provide our consultancy services on a one-off, package or continual basis to support and help for those involved in offering help for individuals, couples and families either directly or indirectly affected by mental health, emotional and relational issues themselves or through a loved one. This service is tailored depending on the level of help and guidance you feel you need.

Much like consultancy, this can be conducted as part of a group or on an individual basis, depending on what course of action feels best. These sessions can provide you with a unique insight into unhealthy patterns of behaviour and developing a healthy, constructive environment within your team or organisation.

This can range from projects, events or workshops. This can involve the value and effectiveness of Islamic spiritual and spiritual development programmes for Muslim spiritual care givers.

How it works

We recommend that anyone seeking out support should book a consultation with one of our team. This allows us to get a better understanding of how we can help you as an individual or organisation.  We will be able to draft up a proposed plan of action. We would then send this to you for consideration; we will always look for your approval before moving forward.

Once agreed to, we will be able to take action on the plan, gathering feedback and learning new management techniques along the way!  With the professional experience of our team of psychiatrists and psychotherapists at Eemaan Therapy Clinic, you’ll know that there’s always support for you. Contact us today to book or enquire on (phone number)

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