Sidrah Abdul

Sidrah Abdul is a Psychological Counsellor at Eemaan Therapy Clinic provides a professional and effective therapeutic service for clients. Sidrah has a passion and core understanding of Islamic values, mental health and how it can affect an individual’s thoughts and behaviour and the impact on an individual’s well-being. She is passionate about mental health and helping people live to their potential. She is empathetic and understanding about how an individual’s spiritual values and beliefs can affect an individual’s relationships, career and well being. Sidrah understands the complexities of how concerns in one’s well-being, no matter what the issue or how severe, can really affect our mood, behaviour, both short and long-term. Sidrah will therefore always approach clients in a non-judgemental, empathetic and understanding, as she acknowledges that it can take immense courage to reach out for professional help.

Sidrah is very experienced in providing counselling to Muslim couples to help them move forwrad.

Sidrah also uses alternative effective therapies as she understands that each individual is different and that individuals may benefit from different therapeutic approaches depending upon their needs.

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